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Luxury vehicles. Experienced chauffeurs. Great prices.

Easy booking and billing. 

Long Version:

After working 10 years with one of the largest, most highly-respected ground transportation companies in the world where duties included training professional chauffeurs, developing training materials and chauffeuring high-profile clients, I decided to go independent.

Hi, my name is Jeff Miller, President and Founder of Golden Transportation, LLC. 

I was a top performer with over 20,000 safe driving hours. What's more, I was one of only 2 chauffeurs out of about 270 to go two whole years without triggering a g-force activated safety camera in the vehicles. I trained some of the finest chauffeurs in the world. I developed training materials like a best practices video and a video about a proprietary handheld communications device. I was one who did not suffer injuries or submit worker's compensation claims because of my dedication to fitness and lifting awareness and so was on the ergonomic lifting research team.

After a while, I realized a few things. First, I genuinely like the luxury chauffeur-driven transportation business. Second, even though all aspects of the service are important, the in-car experience as governed by the chauffeur, is a key, if not the key differentiator in the business. Third, my standards are high. But, it's not about me. I want to parlay my knowledge and experience into an event that is memorable and special for you.  

If you are a constant road warrior business traveler you know that limo time is usually work time. You're focused. I understand. But, well-heeled travelers can still relish a little break; a sanctuary from the stress of constant focus. Many times clients have been so relaxed and refreshed that they have complimented me for being a great driver and/or conversationalist. They have traveled so much that they have seen everything and have appreciated the difference enough to mention it.  

It has been a great honor to serve so many amazing clients. It would be an honor to serve you whether you need road show service for a high-profile client or you want to take your family to an event like a football game. After an easy reservation process you'll get an on-time pick up and a beautiful clean car in and out (if weather permits). You'll get a chauffeur that speaks English well and who is, at appropriate times, an excellent conversationalist. You'll get a chauffeur and vehicle that do not smell of smoke, a chauffeur that knows the area and routes, a chauffeur that exudes confidence, experience and safety behind the wheel (not aggressiveness or risk taking) and that drives smoothly rather than with surges, lots of braking or sudden moves. Plus, there will be amenities that make the vehicle extra comfortable (like heated seats), enjoyable (like media choices) and flexible (like all-wheel drive and lots of luggage capacity).'ll get a fair price.

Welcome to Golden Transportation. 

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